Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Love Keeps no Record

In January of this past year, I announced that this years theme would be relationship, both in my art and in my personal life. And what a year it was. My Mom died in February, it was a rough blow. In March we started preparing her home for sale. It was a huge undertaking, a 9 month journey, comprised not only with the discovery of Mom's relationship with her possession (it was a passionate affair for her) but it tried and questioned every relationship I had. Some relationships thrived, some faltered, some were lost, and some could go either way. My art, well it went all over the board and back again. It too appears to be in a state of flux. But as the close of this year is upon us I will have to leave my art theme, with what I learned, and my final piece in the year of relationships.,Love keeps no Records. Color and Oil pencils on a vintage vinyl LP. It is inscribed with the following...Love grows older, but keeps no score...ever and always flings windows open,breaks down doors.

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