Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frida: a Child the Wistful, Longing Years (Re-purposed doll)

This is a re-purposed doll I purchased at Goodwill. I bought it because it had no plastic eyes, making it much easier to paint in the figures eyes. I decided to set her gaze off to the side, because I get the feeling she was always scanning the horizon in search a new hope, a new love. I also believed that she never saw betrayal coming.

Her dress is a re-purposed vintage hankie with a recycled ribbon. The bodice of her dress is a doll necklace from the first doll I ever had.

About this piece:
Size: approx 13" tall
Media: re-purposed doll painted with oil


  1. I loved re-painting dolls. Years ago I used to re-paint and sell fashion/barbie type dolls on ebay. It was great fun! All those years of practice drawing on and cutting the hair of my childhood dolls I guess!! LOL!

  2. The hair is the worst isn't it? Thanks