Saturday, January 10, 2009

This weeks pick Cube-a-Kitty series: Kamikaze Kitty by Alma Lee

Cats are addictive there is little doubt. What is not widely known is they are also addicts. Addicted to adventure, fun and the hunt. Kamikaze Kitty is on a mission, flying high in his addiction to flight, he is after that dust bunny under the bed. And make no mistake about it he will rise victorious, or die trying. Don't worry, good bad or ugly he will be home in time for dinner!

I chose primary colors to emphasize the primal untamed side of cats, and cubism best illustrates the fractured nature of the domestic feline.

About this piece:
Size: 12x9
Media: Color Pencil, marker
Materials: 140 lbs smooth Bristol
Status of Original: Available from Artist

Note: The colored pencil is applied layer upon layer to build up deep, vibrant color saturation an effect similar to the renaissance glazing techniques used by the old masters.

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