Monday, January 12, 2009

When a Picture Paints.... Monday 12, 2009

If a Picture Paints...
Sometimes there are just not enough words, for what fills the heart and soul. This is when I look to the picture to paint. Every Monday I am going to share with you these wordless moments, when only a picture paints the voice of the soul...


Forsaken not, I
Dream out loud
And in doing so
The fool in every crowd

Mock not always
As unlikely it may seem
At the Lord’s leading,
Follow I this dream

As yet the smallest flickering
A match within his store
His love burns within me
Has caused a fire’s roar

And He the kingdom’s kindling
Within the Christian heart
Beating, burning, searing
His desire to me imparts

Shout I now
In my own defense amongst the mocking throng
Forsaken not, I dream out loud,
Alas awakened to fulfillment’s song

by Alma Lee ©2007

I wrote this poem in the lost year of 2006. I needed not only help but Hope. These are part of the words He spoke to me.

About this art:
Drawn on Wacom Tablet
Original: Not available
Prints available:

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