Monday, November 28, 2011

Plot Twist, Alma Lee

Oh you clever one
you laugh now
but later I'll get you
and to me you
will bow!

Well T'gre has found that even the best laid plans sometime fail. He is slow to give victory to the mouse Dinky and is trying his best to let him think it didn't hurt. Here he contemplates how to walk away with his dignity without removing the mouse trap.

About this Piece:
size 9x12"
media: color pencil,marker on 90lb Bristol
Style: surrealism,cubism
Original Status: available from artist print for $12.50

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update Ebay does NOTHING about Bootleggers

Update on Bootleg copies of my art on EBAY

As of the time of this writing 10:30 CST, Nov 19,2011. Mr. Stellar393 continues to sell my art on Ebay. Ebay has done nothing, they said it was under investigation and they did plan on Sanctioning him. The owner of the original( Original was sold on Jan 3, 2008 in an ebay auction the auction ID number and details were supplied to Ebay personally) has contacted both the seller and Ebay along with 23 other (those that I know of), his reaction was to list 4 more "ORIGINALS" and raise the price at that! Here is a sampling of the bootlegger replies:

for last 3 days I had 5 eBay members stating what they own original of this particular painting, so I do not know how to comment this facts, - I do not know who is painter - I am purchasing my art from private collectors and reselling them..

they were mass bought at a flea market and he's a reseller & has a right to sell them.

"I never stated it is MY artwork - I'm reseller. I purchased it on flea market and simply re-selling it. You have no proof what it is not an original from somebody else collection who sold it to me to do reports..

Ebay's response...They issued violations and warnings to several of the people who wrote to them on my behalf saying they personally knew the artist and he was selling bootleg merchandise. They no longer return my calls or emails.

I am so very disappointed that Ebay, whom I have had a sellers account for over 10 yrs would put it's own profit over legal rights.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I need your HELP!

PLEASE PLEASE I need your help.I have been dealing this past week with a bootleg of 2 of my pieces of art for sale on EBAY. I have contacted the powers that be, and filled out the necessary forms. Problem is the bootlegger is a TOP RATED seller (mostly solar equipment) on EBAY and I am not. That said this is what I would appreciate your help on. Every Auction has a question for the seller at the very bottom of the listing. I would like you to in your own words tell him you know the artist Alma Lee and his listing is not part of her official site or auctions. Ask him to please respect copyrights, as the sole providence of the artist. This may seem like a small problem but it really is not. I lost control of all the art work I did pre 2006 to China. It went "national" meaning they consider it property of China. They produce my same art on various products at will and I don't see a cent. I have reason to believe this is what is going on now with several of my pieces. I want to put an end to it . I will tell you the girl and the cat (love me Love my Cat)original was sold it was a 9x12" in color pencils. I still retain the original of Christ and the Thief. The bootlegged copies are very good and even include the "hidden" marks I put in every piece. Here are the links and I hope you will help

Love Me Love My Cat Bootleg

Christ and the Thief Bootleg