Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paisley Amaryllis by Alma Lee

If you should be blessed enough to stumble upon the secret Paisley garden, you will surely give pause to the Paisley Amaryllis. Beautiful and engaging it is startling against the edge of snow...who knew?

This piece is done in color pencil on 140lbs watercolor paper. It is also embossed and the paper lend an extra luxurious texture. Color pencil is laid down in a multifude of layers, allowing for full saturation of intense color.

About this art:
Size: 12x12"
Media: Watercolor paper
Materials: color pencil
Style: Contemporary Floral
Original Status: available

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dog Pile! by Alma Lee

Three little doggies came out to play, stopped on a dime, with legs all a splay. This is my newest in the K9.5 series. There is just something about dogs at play. You have to giggle. They are so uninhibited and unrestrained they are just a joy. This is done in color pencil and markers on MDF panel. The color is fully saturated and vibrant. And the finish is smooth and satin like. About this Painting Size: 14.75x24" Media: MDF Panel 1/2" Materials: color pencil and marker Price: $975 Prints available from artist

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Paisley Nasturtium

I am having trouble with a paisley obsession! I walk away and think I am free and then another paisley design crosses my mind. This is my latest fall off the wagon! It is also my entry for this months Flower contest on EBSQ!