Friday, March 25, 2011


Brooke came home today!!!


I just heard to day that Brooke has contacted her Mother and she is safe. She did not agree to come home yet but apparently promised to keep in touch with her Mom. May not be the ideal result, but a relief none the less.
On a personal note:
This is my Cousin she went missing on Monday, if you know anything please call 715-297-4930 or contact the Everest Metro Police Dept in Wausau WI.

Fractal in Analog

I realize that I will be dating myself, but do you remember the first time you saw a spin point picture, made a spiral-gram from a kit? What about string art. If you were like me you were in awe of the image. It was the most modern, and highest art form you had ever seen. Pretty soon you were hooked and so it goes.

Recently I ran into my old spiral-graph kit while cleaning out a closet. I have not been able to part with it. I realize now that it was very simplistic, but it was a beginning and that is what I hold on too. I wonder 30 years from now if that is how our children will look at fractals?

Analog Fractal is an attempt to capture that feeling I had when I saw a fractal for the first time. The art grows so quickly, and I needed to contain it in a low tech, (analog) way right here, right now. What do you think?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tip Toeing Thru the Tulips, by Alma Lee

I know you did even know that they exist, so you can well imagine my surprise when I ran across these fellows dancing in there happy place!

This is an digital illustration done in painter and finished in photoshop. The original is 14x24"

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Promise, by Alma Lee

Life may go round and round
to and fro and upside down
along comes promise
and hope resounds…

About the Original:
size: 12×24”
Media: color pencils on MDF panel
Status of Original: available

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Contemplation by Alma Lee

Contemplation runs a ruined path
through my mind, unsettled to wrath
but in my soul, it will tarry
in my heart, it speaks, be not wary

Life is hard, worries are many. I dearly wanted to illustrate what it would be like to just let those concerns fall from my head into my heart, listen, and know that I have the answer.

About this Original:
Size: 9x12"
Media: color pencil on Mdf wood panel
Style: abstract geometric
Status of the Original: available

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tattered Rituals

We do as we have always done, not because it works, but we are comfortable with it. We stopped even questioning it long ago. Sometimes it is a blessing just to take a second maybe even a third look, then again we have to pull the flawed threads and weave them into something all together new. What rituals are you looking at lately?

Tattered Rituals, by Alma Lee

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A few of my Favorite things

My favorites things are not the most expensive things...they are the catalyst for the first curves of my smile. I have set up a treasury on esty some of my favorite things. My Favorite Things Tresury on Esty by Alma Lee