Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Christ, by Alma Lee

Christ was done through the combination of fratal and digital illustration. The Fractal aspect was created in ArtMatic 5 and the illustration in CS6. Christ has been a favorite subject for me for many many years. Partly because I am a Christian, but more importantly the Christ I love is the most expressive of all subject, the bible tells us that he suffered all the things that we do and more, and I believe that love, sorrow,fear,joy and laugher were all evident through his eyes alone.
About this Art
size: 20×10″
media: digital illustration, fractal and mixed media
subject: Christ
style: expressionism

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pathogen of Pain

I had started this drawing with a different theme, alien species to be exact.  Then just as it title suggest it took on a life of it own and entered my realm.  Chronic pain suffers know this routine very well, we didn't plan for it, or on it, and yet it can become an interegal part of our lives, constantly demanding it own way, and if we let it it's own day, week, month.  We try not to, but we will pick our battles, and then by the grace of God we will win the war.

About this art:
size: 10x20"
media: digital illustration incorporating fractals
subject: pain,woman

Pathogen of Pain by Alma Lee


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Huge Savings on Alma Lee Cube-A-Kitties!!

I am auctioning off some  of Cube-a-Kitty  paintings this week, most half off or better!  I need to make some room in my studio so when I can clear a chair in there, sale prices will be gone!lol The items go on the block at 7 PM PST check it out:Sale Auctions!!!

Kitty Gone Tubin'

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

I doing a tutorial on painting in Photoshop cs6.  My favorite part is the fact that I don't get any paint on my fingers.  Here I used a photograph from my friend Karla Buckley taken in France, as my reference photo.  I created a couple of brushed within Photoshop, one make from pic of willow leaves, land another I used for over all blending.  I warn you once you start making your own brushes in Photoshop it is addictive, but certainly worth the effort.