Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Abstracts

I have been busy with some new abstracts.  I ran into a free trial of Flaming Pear™CS6 filters Flexify and Flood and just my luck I am in Love with them!  Here are some sample of the results of my trial: All of them mixed media digital assemblage

Titanic: the Final Stanza


Blue Moon Over Windjammers

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

There is a way that seems right to a man, But its end is the way of death.

This is another scene from an exquisite dream I had some months ago.
There seems to be much debate about hell.  But I think that all would agree IF it does exist we don't want to go there.  Personally I don't care if it does or doesn't exist, I have no wish to squander my time or energy debating. Because I believe it is a choice...really, just the natural outgrowth of the core of our being. It is the contents of our heart poured out onto fruition. More than morals or the lack there of, more than good deeds/bad deeds, no us and them. It is comprised of all you hold dear, and that which you cling too, rely on, trust.  You choose your way and therein lies your fate.  Thus this art came about based on that belief. No one chooses hell, and as you see here all of us will  literally leap in after their hearts desire, not understanding the scope of the existence we ourselves have created in a world we must now inhabit eternally.

There by the grace of God go I.

About this art:
size: 20x10"
media: digital illustration, created with Fractals created in ArtMatic 5, combined with illustrations from Poser9 and CS6
Subject: Hell, Spirituality

Friday, May 10, 2013

Somewhere a child dreams
of the happy years
What shall I be, who shall
love me

Years later on a squalid
a child gives what she 
never had

now a child screams
crying falls upon deaf ears
What have I come to
where is the love
I never knew

Alone she wonders
how it would be
if she were home
at once joyful and free...

Human Trafficking is a subject close to my heart. I had never heard of it until a few years ago, then I watched the movie "Human Trafficking" with Donald Sutherland and was struck by how easily even the smart and savvy among us are taken in by these thugs. I knew that I in my younger days would have succumbed also. It is heartbreaking. This are was inspired by that movie it has been years since I have seen it but I will never be able to forget it.

About this art:
size: 9x10"
media: digital
subject: woman, human trafficking
Style: pop surreal

Human Trafficking happens everywhere, in every city. To real live INNOCENT children, tricked, deceived and swept away. Forced labor, forced prostitution or both. The average lifespan of victims of human trafficking is 7 years. Only 1% are ever recused. What can we do? Start here:

Monday, May 6, 2013

Joan of Arc: Living the Controversial Truth

As a child I was told about Joan of Arc, in fact I a remember watching a movie about her.  But being a non Catholic her story was treated as a myth within my circles.  I always wondered about it. Now after some research I believe in the myth no longer but espouse it's truth.  I believe that she was so far out of the mainstream, the religious norms, and so little influenced by it that they had no control over her.  Indeed it goes without saying she loved God, but I believe she did indeed receive visions from him. She saw a portion of how big he is, today we would say she lived outside the box. As for her veneration of her as a saint...I am not so inclined but I so respect her ability to live out who she was, come what may, Love the most hated lover of all time,  without regard to the boxed up, down pat God so popular then (and now) and in the end be able to say "I have run the good race and lost none of myself, I gave my life and it was given back to me."  And I think quite possibly she would add "no regrets"

Joan of Arc was illustrated  in Poser, and CS6.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Dancing with Fire

She dances wildly
and sings the same
hell hath no power ov'r me
 it's licking flames, shan't hold me
nor my body claim...

so it was as she declared
hell needn't hold her
dancing as she dare
her passions was the consuming fire
leaving her nothing , but her bones bare.

Dancing with Fire was illustrated digitally in Poser, and CS6. 

About this Art
size: 10x10
media: digital illustration
style: realistic, surrealism
subject: Dancer

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Unknown Super-Wife

Able to clean dwellings
in a single bound
a window, a toilet
the sink and tub surround

You won't see her coming
but you will know where's
she been
Call if you like,
but her presense is not
something on which you can depend!

The unknown Superwife: Contessa of Clean is every house keepers dream.  Armed with inspiration she recruits at random in the wee wee hours.Minions succumb to her bidding. Her warp the minds of believers making them complacent and submissive to her sanitary ways. Then it happens, Voila! Your house is pristine sparkling and clean. The praises soon follow, as you wallow, you wonder at your confusion, and wishful thinking. Was that  dust bunny? Then you wake up and realize it was but a dream. So you put on your big girl panties and pick up you broom!

This art was created in CS 6 and it is a digital illustration, photo were used as reference only.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Usual Suspects by Alma Lee

The Usual Suspects by Alma Lee by Alma Lee

It is the same time after time, and you know who you are. We are closing in.  This is the first in my unknown series.  So many times in everyday life we feel un known until we do something wrong and suddenly everyone know who we are.  That is the idea behind this series.  Bringing to light all the good  things that we try to do that go about unnoticed I off to clean the bathroom.

The Usual Suspects

Friday, February 8, 2013

Two things have occupied my art these past few weeks.  I decided (late I might add)to Take up the 29 faces art challenge  and starting up a new series call PuffyButtons.It has been challenging to say the least, and on one personal note, I have lost another of my muses during this time (Tripper see below)suddenly to a rare and extremely aggressive cancer that none of us knew. She was diagnosed one day and died on the operating table the next. Our hearts are broken and thus keeping busy with art has been a must! So back to the challenge and new series, lucky for me they tend to over lap otherwise you might have to look me up in a rubberroom somewhere! So I thought that I would share some the progress on these projects here.
From the PuffyButtons here are Days 6,7, and 8.

Fluffy Snowball:Puffybuttons:


Chickadee: PuffyButtons:

The rest that I have completed, in no specific order are as follows:

Big Eyed Girl:

Old Man with White Hair:

St Augustine in his Studio:

Tripper Rest in Peace:

Sargent Preston: First Love

Paid per Tuna, Black Kitty PuffyButtons:

#9 of 29 Faces 
Libby Sticking Her Tongue Out

Is this some kind of Trick? Orange Tabby PuffyButtons™

Pompeii Girl

PuffyDog: PuffyButtons™

Old Goat in Congress

#15 & 16
Bobble head Kitties

Girl with Red Glasses
My Childhood: Plan B

Anne Morrow Lindberg (29 faces)

#21 in 29 faces
Frida: When I Dream

Lee Ann and Scooter #22,23

Jesus Wept #25

Smiley Under Pressure #26,27,28

Usual Suspects #29

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I won Art of The Day on EBSQ!  Thank you EBSQ

Moses Formula by Alma Lee

Friday, January 4, 2013

Digital derivitive of Moses Harris Color wheel.  I saw his color wheels for the first time and I could not resist.  After I checked to make sure that they were in the public domain of course!
Original Color wheel by Moses Harris in the 1700's

Moses Formula by Alma Lee

Tuesday, January 1, 2013