Thursday, December 31, 2009

Kitty A. Lure

Perhaps it is those new green striped hose, or maybe the false eyelashes and ruby red lipstick. Now wait she does not have lips! It is just that Miss Kitty A. Lure finds it in her nature to attract bigger fish in the sea. Either way she knows how to get her MeOWWW on!

About the original:
size: 10x18"
Media Color pencils and marker
Style: Cubism
Status for the Original: Available

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Square Cat. Round Hole

Ever feel like a square in a round hole? I am not saying that I do, let's just say this is a self portrait!

Name: Square Cat, Round Hole
Size: 6x6"
Media: color pencil on MDF panel
Original: available from Artist

On Auction now on EBAY:

Friday, November 20, 2009

Kitty with a Bow

Take a kitty, and a ball of string and what do you get? A bow...well at least of sorts!

Kitty and a Bow, by Alma Lee

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Trailer Genie, the morning after...

This is the 2nd in my pink trailer series. Trailer park Genies rise early in the morning, before sun up so they will have time to put on there face. That is why they are called else could you do all of that before coffee??

About the Original:
size 9x12"
Media: color pencils on 1/2" MDF panel
Status of Original: available
Prints available from artist

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Pink Trailer Trixie sisters, by Alma Lee

I don't know what it is but I am strangely comforted by old vintage trailer and the stereotypes that come with living in a trailer park. Surely I have romanticized the whole life style and women, but that whole era makes me happy.

About this painting
Size 9x12
Materials: color pencil, marker on 1/2" MFD Panel
Original Status: available
Prints available from artist Nov 15th

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I have a right to my own style

I am so very disheartened. As an artist I have like so many others invested years into creating my own style. In 2006 I finally hit on something that was truly unique. I was used to being ripped off in the world of licensing, but even they had the decency to "rearrange" my originals. Now I find these auctions on ebay, virtually a carbon copy (see below) well she did forget the leg on one of them. Here is my quandry: she does beautiful and unique work in her own style, I don't even know why she would want to out and out copy mine. You know, the general masses these days don't think much of copyright infringement as they run copies off there inkjets, and bootleg CDs. But back in the days of the master painters they had a word for it. It was called forgery. Come to think of it they had a punishment too, it was called prison. I apologize for not posting the offending pictures, however Ebay will not let you copy someone elses auction without thier permission. Now they care!!!
Offending auction:

Kitty in a Box by Alma Lee

The second offending auction:

Kitty Birdwatch by Alma Lee

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Harlequin Boxer

After studying my new loves features and getting to know his visual make up I kept wanting to put him up against a harlequin floor. Then it occured to me, what's to stop me? Thus this is my first "formal" study of Captain aka Harlequin Boxer.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

My New Muse

This is our new "baby" a rescue and our first non German Shepard go figure!

Captain Tiberius Kirk

Exploring new worlds, and going where
no man has gone...well maybe tommorrow!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Found Object Art, by Amethyst Lobster

Credit cards finally put to splendid use! Amethyst Lobster, New York Artist has a stimulus package of her own, I love how she recycles!!!

"One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Earrings Found Object Art Jewelry"

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One of my new Hippie purses

Hippie Daisy Pursette
by Alma Lee

This is one of my new Hippie pursettes for the EBSQ Art purse contest this month. It is made out of 100% Duct Tape, and is only big enough for a comb and wad of bills/gum depending on your stimulus package! Really what else does one need to get through life

Saturday, August 8, 2009

EBSQ Live Demonstration, Color pencil painting

Check this out Monday, 8:00pm Central. I will be doing a live step by step demonstration on the complete process of Color pencil painting. It's free! so come and say Hi!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When a Hippie Dreams by Alma Lee

When a Hippie Dreams...
by Alma Lee

When a Hippie dreams
the daisies dance
upon delightful breeze
casting a peaceful trance
so it is as it seems
peace comes to enhance
only when a hippie dreams...

I was driving home from one dance and just as entered the exit ramp, this image passed through my mind. I had such a feeling not so much of peace, but promise. Promise that would we had hoped, and dreamed of, would not always be met by rejection. but one day, God willing it would come to pass.

This piece is done andmarkers, and Color pencils on a MDF panel. Color pencils is laid on in many layers, to achieve full color and surface saturation. The result is a satiny sheen rivaling that of oil or acrylic.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Coming soon....Alma Lee Originals website

I am busy working on my new website. I am currently working on upload the catalog of my originals. I will be adding giclee's and prints as I go along. It is a lot of work as I am sure many of you know. I am hoping once it is up and published, it will be my main venue for sales. I will be holding on to my Imagekind, Rebubble,EBSQ, and Esty sites.However, Ebay is fast becoming a very seller unfriendly site particularly for artists. So I would love any input from fellow artists or patron for suggestions. Tell me the content you want to see. Tell me what you expect from an artist website. I am open to anything.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Paisley Amaryllis by Alma Lee

If you should be blessed enough to stumble upon the secret Paisley garden, you will surely give pause to the Paisley Amaryllis. Beautiful and engaging it is startling against the edge of snow...who knew?

This piece is done in color pencil on 140lbs watercolor paper. It is also embossed and the paper lend an extra luxurious texture. Color pencil is laid down in a multifude of layers, allowing for full saturation of intense color.

About this art:
Size: 12x12"
Media: Watercolor paper
Materials: color pencil
Style: Contemporary Floral
Original Status: available

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dog Pile! by Alma Lee

Three little doggies came out to play, stopped on a dime, with legs all a splay. This is my newest in the K9.5 series. There is just something about dogs at play. You have to giggle. They are so uninhibited and unrestrained they are just a joy. This is done in color pencil and markers on MDF panel. The color is fully saturated and vibrant. And the finish is smooth and satin like. About this Painting Size: 14.75x24" Media: MDF Panel 1/2" Materials: color pencil and marker Price: $975 Prints available from artist

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Paisley Nasturtium

I am having trouble with a paisley obsession! I walk away and think I am free and then another paisley design crosses my mind. This is my latest fall off the wagon! It is also my entry for this months Flower contest on EBSQ!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Cubic Pear

The Cubic Pear

I have always been fascinated with the stark contrast of a harlequin pattern, place against bright peices of fruit. Not only is the pear a colorful, vibrant piece of fruit, it is also one of my favorites! I like the fresh feel of the simple shapes impacted by the cubic light beams. This is done with color pencil and markers, layer upon layer, fully saturating the surface of MDF (medium density fiberboard) panel. This is a square piece designed to be hung at a 45 degree angle.

About this art:
Size: 8.5x8.5
material: color pencil, marker,
Media:MDF Panel Subject: Pears
Style: Contemporary Cubism
Status of the Original: Available $89
Prints available at:

Monday, June 29, 2009

Santa Rosa Heart of Sonoma, artist Heide Hibbard

If you love California's Sonoma County, poppies or the art of Heide Hibbard, you simply must check this out. Quite stunning and elegant, Heide has captured to ambiance of Sonoma magic. This is where the happy cows go!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Red Shoes in the Rain

This is my latest in the Red Shoe collection. I can't help it I feel that Red shoes are the composite symbol of all things feminine and womanhood. There is a certain allure and power housed in the red shoe attire. For me long gone are the days of wearing spike heels, but I look at them and still can hear the tapping, clacking sound of power entering the room!

Red Shoes in the Rain
by Alma Lee

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Mocha Mouse

Here is my entry for June's Nibblefest.

The Mocha Mouse

best days begin with mocha I have always felt
at my favorite java spout
when the creamy topping begins to melt
a wild eyed tasty mouse jumps out!
tomorrow I'll drink faster!!!!
by Alma Lee

This is the largest piece I have ever listed in the Nibblefest. 11x14" Here's hoping!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Pleeeeeeese Puppy

I am obsessed with the look of a pleading dog. Probably because I fall victim to it 99% of the time. Every dog owner knows the look. When they want a treat, a ride, some 1 on 1 play time. Those among us who can resist, are a far better women than me.

This is the lateest in my k9.5 series, done with color pencils, and paint markers on the MDF board. Color is laid down layer upon layer, until a full saturation of color is achieved.

About this Original
size: 14.5x5x.5"
media: color pencil, paint marker
Materials: MDF wood panel:
Style: Contemporary Cubism
Price: $110 available from Artist

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New Large size Cube-a-Kitty

Party! Party! Party, kitty style jump and sing, dance awhile! you come, bring a friend too Party, till the dogs go blue! This is a party in full force, with no restrait. Likewise, I have spared no color and subjected none to mute. Vibrant and lively, this is a happy painting with no apologies! Color pencil is applied layer upon layer, until a saturation is achieved. It is then hand polished to a satiny sheen, and finished with a medium gloss finish. The painting is on MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) and is finished on the side making it ready to hang! About this Painting: Size:12x24x1/2" Materials: Color pencil and marker Media: 1/2 " MDF panel Style: contemporary cubism Original available from the Artist: $750.00

by Alma Lee

Saturday, May 16, 2009

May's Nibblefest Entry

As a young girl I had trolls and though I found them fascinating, I never saw them as cuddly or cute. They seemed as tiny little, lecherous men. Cool but lecherous to the Nth degree. A matter of fact my Nibblefest entry is the exact picture of the impression they made on me. Does this mean I didn't like them? I don't know you can tell me...

The May theme for Nibblefest is "the secret life of toys" this is my entry. Nibblefest is a monthly themed Art Contest on EBAY, where all art is submitted for auction starting as 99 cents. It runs from the 20th through the 27th each month. Hope to see you there!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

The perfect Mothers Day Present

I walked outside to day and here is what I found in the flower pot next to the house!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The Ruby Reds did so well at Nibblefest that I decided to make it a series. This is a short movie of the making of the second in the series Red Shoe Required.

Red Shoe Required,
by Alma Lee
Size: 8x12"
Materials:Color Pencil and Marker
Media: MDF Panel
Original Status: available through Artist

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Gone Fishing Kitty new from Alma Lee

This is my latest Cube-a -Kitty. He like myself is just itching to get out and about. Is there any better diversion than fishing, especially with one on the line:

About this painting
Size: Approx 6.33x6.25"
Media: MDF panel
Materials: marker, color pencil
Subject: Cat, fish
Style: Contempory Cubism
Status: auction now on EBAY
Retails:$ 75.00

Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Zen Of Bubble Wrap

The Zen Of Bubble Wrap
By Alma Lee

Who knew that bubble wrap had so many colors? This piece taught me something, there is beauty in so many things around up, some times you just have to slow down and take a careful look. I challenge you, today pause and take a look at something you have seen a thousands times and find its inate beauty. It is there I assure you, Don't see it? Look again.

Monday, April 20, 2009

April Niblefest Contest

“Ruby Reds”
by Alma Lee

April Nibblefest Art Contest

It is time for the April Nibblefest Art Contest on Ebay! That means a whole
host of quality art in all styles and color schemes from the artists at
ESBQ. All Auctions start at 99¢ no reserve.

This month theme is “Favorite Children’s Story”. Alma has chosen the Wizard
of Oz for this contest with 3 entries including “Ruby Reds” pictured above,
all with an Wizard of Oz theme.

If you ever wanted to own an Alma Lee Original, now is the time to check it
out! Simply go to Ebay and type in Keywords NFAC in the search and start
enhancing your art collections today. Auctions start at 4:00pm PST Today!

Other Entries from Alma Lee:

If I Only had a Brain!-Scarecrow
Toto Love-A girl and her dog

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rendered Silent...her eyes had not dimmed.

Self Portrait by Alma Lee

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Alma Lee Featured Today on Boundless Gallery

Hey I am one of 50 artist being featured today on Boundless Gallery. A large collection of Cube-A-Kitty, and color pencil painting have just been added with a few deals thrown in! Check it out!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Alma Lee Featured Friday on Esbqart Blog

I took yesterday off to celebrate my husband's 60th Birthday, and when I returned home I I found that I had been featured on The Feature Friday ESBQART Blog. It finished off a perfect day!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Wheel of Fortune
Solomon Walker

A number of weeks ago I ran into this article Imagekind. I thought it contained very pertinent and useful information,that I had to share.

Solomon Walker is a professional artist living in Toronto. His art like his writing is relevant, enlightening and fresh. He is also Co-Administrator for the Digital Fine Art group on Imagekind I want to thank Solomon for taking the time to write such a useful and concise article. It is a short article, and well worth the read!

Visit Solomon Walkers gallery:

50 Best Places To Make Money $$$ Selling Your Art Online In 2009

By Solomon Walker

Even though world economies are a bit chaotic at the moment, that doesn’t meant you cannot make substantial amount of money selling your art online or off.

According to some recent reports from reputable industry publications such as the Art Newspaper and Flash Art Online, it’s an opportune time for new players (both buyers and sellers) to enter the Art marketplace. Savvy buyers, who are seeking to collect up-and-coming artists, whose work are selling at bargain prices. For Artists, who wishes to gain access to the coveted arena of art lovers and high-rollers with ready cash to invest.

To begin, you may want to consider targeting your market, rather than the shot-gun approach adopted by many online. Don’t be discourage by lack of sale from one site; there are literally hundreds of FREE and low-cost galleries online, where your work may finds its ideal audience.

Scott Listfield, an artist who has carved out a nice niche selling his unique paintings online, states it best:

“With the rise of the Internet in general, and Print On Demand (POD) technology in particular, the game has completely changed. As the tired cliché says, the playing field has been leveled. As an artist, you no longer need to be “discovered” by a gallery owner, or lucky enough to be one of the handful of artists a publisher prints each year. Nor do you need to “sell out,” painting schlock in order to sell.”

My personal experience has been a positive one thus far, with printed sales being relatively steady since early summer of 2008. I have a few friends and associates who are selling extremely well online. One gentleman I met on a year ago has recently sold about 8-10 original paintings for prices between $500 and $10,000 each! He is a great artist. He markets relentlessly, and has an excellent rapport with customers worldwide. I think it’s a good idea to learn a few languages in a multicultural marketplace such as the internet!

While many artists I met make sales with originals, a vast majority does very well with printed work. Either option is great way to hit the road running in 2009!

The following is a list of some of the great places I personally have knowledge of, and some others are recommended by friends and associates. The list is not in order of ranking, and to be fair to each, I avoided pointing out the top moneymaker (but it’s in the top 10). This is a guide which you can use over and over again for reference as you go forward in 2009. Please have a look at each site, and decide which best fits your creative goals.


You are welcome to suggest your own sites which offer proven potential.

Good luck with your art ventures!

Solomon Walker
Co-Founder, MDFA

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to Paint with Color Pencil on Wood and MDF PANELS

New Color Pencil Paintings
by Alma Lee

How to Create a Color Pencil PAINTING on WOOD!
A step by step tutorial by Alma Lee

That's right I said painting on wood! After all these aren't your Grandma's color pencils. If you are like me you thought of your color pencil set only in terms of sketching, color selection, and drawings. Color pencil technology has increased hundredfold in the last few years. Making painting with color pencils on a variety of substrates including Wood and MDF panel a reality.

I decided to create a step by step tutorial for my technique and show my NIBBLEFEST entry; GEISHA KITTY & SILVER MOUSE SUSHI as a work in progress. I will be using all of the traditional color pencil choices in this piece. But one in particular trumps them all, when it comes to performance on wood and MDF panel. I want to introduce you to my personal NBFF (New Best Favorite Forever) Color pencils for wood, made by Walnut Hollow. These pencils are oil based, acid free, and photo safe. What makes them superior on wood is they are semi opaque, instead of transparent. Wood grains show through, but are not allowed to "overrun" the image. They truly have a buttery lay down and a excellent adaptability to blending, and shading. If you love working with color pencil, and longed to create "painting" like finishes on a heavy substrates, these are going to rock your world. Here is the step by step through the process and hopefully it will expand your creativity, and get you started on your very own.


You will need:
MDF or Wood Panel. ( Home Depot in a 2'x4' 1/2" sheet.),
Walnut Hollow Oil Color Pencils (Michaels or Dick Blick)
Liquitex Gesso (S) Surface Prep Artist Acrylic
Prismacolor Colorless Blender
Paper stick Blender
Prismacolor Matte Fixative
Winsor & Newton All Purpose Varnish
Soft Brush (for whisking away stray pencil particles)

Step 1 Preparing your surface.
You will want to cut your board to desired size. I used a circular hand saw and then smoothed the edges with belt sander. Dust off any saw dust and debris. Next you will want to lay down the thinnest layer possible of the liquitex gesso. I squirt sparingly out of the bottle right onto the panel, then then using a foam brush with firm pressure "force" the gesso into the fibers on the board.
Because color pencils of any kind do not adhere well to an acrylic surface. You are not trying to seal the panel here just laying down a hint of white to reflect through the color pencil and markers. When you are done you will have a slightly irregular coat, but that is OK.
Step 2 Make your sketch and transfer it to the panel.

Step 3 Lay in Your base colors.
I chose to use Dual Brush Pens for this. They have a brush end that is a little more flexible than a felt marker. (water based only at this point) You can use your color pencils, or art sticks for this instead of marker, if you choose. Bear in mind because the Walnut Hollow Oil pencils are semi opaque, you will be able to change the color slightly in the following layers. But they are not opaque so stick to laying down the median color or highlights
Step 3 Lay in Your base colors.

Step 4 Start with a thin layer of Color pencil
At this point you can use any brand of color pencil desired. I use the majority of my prismacolor and ergo soft colored pencils during this step, primarily for color range. Prismcolor and Ergosoft have more color choices than Walnut Hollow. So I just want to establish my color scheme at this point.
Note: you can use any brand
of color pencil at any point from here to finish as desired. The chemistry of all these pencils interacts very well with the others.

Step 5 Blend your colors and add your shadowing.
This is the step where you are finishing your layers to desired opacity in order to get that faux oil painting sheen finish. Stick to prismacolor colorless, and the paper stick blenders. Using turpentine, or alcohol to blend will run your colors and distort them with the panel texture.

Step 6. Add highlights with Color Pe
ncils and markers. This is where you will be concentrating on the final touch ups and full color saturation. Once you are done with this stage you will be unable to return to either color pencils or markers.

Step 7. Spray a couple of light coats of fixative. You should do 2 coats about an hour in between. This sets your color pencils and prevents colors from "wax surfacing as it ages. Note: be sure that the entire piece is coated with fixative, otherwise your finish coat of general purpose varnish will make your colors bleed.

Step 8. Spray 1-2 Layers of Gloss Varnish. Again light coats are the rule. I used Winsor Newton All Purpose Varnish High Gloss. It is a permanent non-removable protective coating. I found that I did not end up with a High gloss finish, just a satin sheen, because the MDF panel absorbs a lot of it. But it is a very attractive sheen nonetheless. and certainly reminiscent of a oil painting finish.
Note: I did notice that it did cause the red tones in my piece to bleed slightly through my metallic silver markers, but it was very subtle and not an issue for me.

Here is the Finished piece. A little FYI it will be available for purchase for March's Asian Inspired Nibblefest Auction on EBAY starting 03/20/09.
Check out my Alma Lee Originals EBAY Store for details


by Alma Lee © 2009
Color Pencil Painting
Available starting 03/20/09

Monday, March 9, 2009

Loss of a Muse...

Dix(S.O.N) Seven of Nine

DixS.O.N. was one of my best friends and consummate muse. My husband and I had to put her down today. It is a void I can not soon fill. I wrote this poem about his relationship with her. Rest in peace Princess...

ODE to DIX(SevenOfNine)

She was only seven of nine,
But to his heart the first.
His Princess , the ever safe harbor
To his longing heart.

Her hair, long, cascades of silk
Newly spun.
It blew wildly as she ran,
Finding rest as it draped over her
Carmel eyes, concealing a tiny spark
Of mischief.

Now as her stillness settled over him he
Even now He loved her, of this, he was as certain
As puzzled.
She had torn his heart, broken and beyond
yet with sorrow and sigh
he knew she had been worthy of the

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Featured Artist of the week

This week I wanted to spotlight the art of Lutz Baar. I got caught up in his use of color, composition and the exquisite breaks in his visual plains. He is a member of the Contemporary Cubist group on Image Kind but does not see his art as cubism. I find myself at a loss to describe his work, but fortunately he has done so beautifully that for me. He describes his work in this way;

"In my paintings I am working in the borderlands where light and illuminated surfaces meet. The motifs are between half figurative and abstract.They form a starting point in my adventure where I try to visualize a primary component of images that is in fact invisible – the light.

I am fond of all of his pieces, but have picked two of his feline paintings, because I feel that the way an artist portrays a cat speaks volumes about who they are and how they view their life in the world. And also I think his Kitty on a String looks very much like Lutz himself. Check it out and let me know! Buy Lutz Baar art here:

by Lutz Baar

Kitty on a String
by Lutz Baar

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shepard Fairly-aka Shepard (Un)Fairly

The recent controversy surrounding street artist Shepard Fairly,Garcia, AP over the Obama is just one snowflake, in the giant copyright Snowballs chance in hell. He is doing what so many have decided was ok, even avant gaurd to do. It has become a way of life, it seems in the Art world. Fairly, wants to portray himself as an anti authortarian figure, in the modern world of art and politics. According to Wikipedia He said of his first known copyright infringement (Andre the Giant) this is "an experiment in phenomenology." I think his marketing and public relations strategies are far more subversive than his so called art. His genius lies in his ability to generate, and manipulate, both the media and the law, into his own private marketing vehicle. He has some how managed to bite the hand that feeds him, all the while passing it off as a kiss! His "art" though not his at all, contains so little originality, that his signature should not only be questioned, but removed and put what little individual creative left into a giant free for all clip art book!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Featured on Boundless Gallery Today! Alma Lee

Check it out, all of the latest and newest pieces are being featured today on Boundless Gallery. Boundless Gallery sells only my ORIGINALS, I have made sure there are some sweet deals there, If you have ever wanted an Alma Lee Original this is your chance!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Encaustic Painting

I have recently become enamored with Encaustic painting. I love it's other worldly look and feel, and it's ability to seemingly "transport" you at will to another dimension. There are many wonderful artists currently exploring this medium. But first what is Encaustic art? Encaustic paint is the mixture of pigment and beeswax, other materials are sometimes used, like linseed oil, Damar varnish, Oil paint and even turpentine. This mixture is then applied with with non synthetic brushes, and heated metal tools. Read more here:

This is not a new practice, as it has a long history dating back to mummy painting in Egypt 100-300 AD. These were realistic paintings attached usually to wood panels adorning the mummies in Roman Egypt. (see replica Egyptian Roman Lady by Ben Morales-Correa below) Today you see it used in a lot of altered book art, and mixed media, as it is very conducive and useful in embedding materials used in collage. Here are some of my favorites...


Anne has a whole gallery on ImageKind to beeswax painting. Her colors and style are truly other worldly, and softly alluring. She says that she learned this technique from a clairvoyant medium. I am sure that is true, but I personally believe the power of her art, comes from the soul and vision of Anne, a very willing and talented artist.


Ben Morales-Correa studied Egyptology at the collage level and has declared it his passion to create the replicas of this ancient art form. Using innovative techniques, he demostrates a powerful glimpse into this culture and art form. His galleries can be found on ImageKind


Blue Sea Art's "Salt of the Earth" brings us back down to earth,with the beauty and tapestry of a life spent in the labor of love. All encased and enshrined in one of earths finest resources...Bees Wax. You can find Blue Sea Art on Imagekind

I encourage you to come explore with me, the beauty and elegance of the art form. A maybe just may try one of your own! Either way enjoy and then mind your own bees wax!

Feeling inspired? Expert Village has a wonderful series of encaustic painting videos here:

Feeling really inspired? You can buy a starter kit here:

Friday, January 30, 2009

ArTiSt picK of thE WEek, January 30, 2009

THE CHASE by Alma Lee
It is always the Chase with Spot, the conquest is secondary. But then again they had it coming, first the mouse ventured out for that last forbidden morsel, and of course Tabby just could let the opportunity pass...well then the rest is history as they say. What is not shown, as it was too graphic for the housekeepers it what lies on the flip side of this picture...the mess. Some things are better left unseen!

About this painting:
Size 14"x15"
Media: color pencil, metallic marker
Material: 140 lb Bristol
Style: Modern Cubism

Sunday, January 25, 2009

When a Picture Paints...Monday 26, 2009

This is a sample page from my Houndstooth Heretic book of peoms. I am a bit conflicted with this image. I love it, but Christ seem so sorrowful. It is not that I think that he was "happy" going to the cross, but I believe he was joyous. He love us, and his sacrifice was the ultimate portrait of that love.

A Sorrow Great

Some say a sorrow great
lives so deep the soul doth swell,

Disposing the voice of reason
where only silence fell

Deep and desperate inside life’s
tempest, storm and squalls

it abides there
behind Hades heady walls

No– is only phantasm
where evils domain shall dwell

For it is a saints life on earth
that paves the road to hell

With great depth of commitment
we commend our sorrows to our own, but feeble grip

Ever slipping downward as
though Christ’s atonement was but a merry myth

Here we are at Dante’s final gate
alas it is first here, we for our salvation wait

Depression’s insignia,
has framed its sorrow here

So feeble, an emblem
for such forbidden fear

Let it be then wisdom,
soul on the verge
dim twilight

The dawn shall come bearing down
in truth’s almighty light

Ever bearing cross in heart
the saints sorrows, now set hope in sight

Lord, Christ– Savior
strengthen me for the fight

Now wait I, as from heaven, my lover to defend me,
atone, acquit, redeem me against this demonic blast

Is it better to remain here,
clinging to the remnant, tormented and harassed

Gently he caresses me, saying
grasp not for your sanity let go and take my hand

For only I can lead you,
in this dark and evil land

And so it is he loves me,
the lifter of my head

As I followed him into battle
He took my blows instead

by Alma Lee 2007

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our 44th President Barak H. Obama

Obama prints and products for sale now on imagekind, redbubble, and zazzle see enclosed links

The day finally arrived and what a day it was. How wide is the historical scope of hope! I have documented his rise with art work for the last year, because I find him such a captivating subject. And if you are like me you share in the anticipation of the next 4 years. God Speed President Obama!

Obama Picasso Style: March 2008Obama Sketch 02/08
A short quick sketch to get a feel for Mr. Obama.

Obama and Martin Luther King 02/08
While getting a feel for Obama, I kept getting a feeling of Martin Luther King. They seemed to strike the same cord of hope in people.

At the same time I was expermenting with chalk on black ground and a contemplating Mr. Obama seemed appropiate.

The Hope of Barak 05/09

Lastly I just knew that we were getting an early peak at greatness and this was my final illustration of the man that has engendered so much hope and promise in so many, crossing racial lines, party lines and even the line of diverse faiths. President Barak H. Obama
The Precipice of Hope...

One almost has to wonder if President, who is a praying man, like Solomon before him has asked the Lord for wisdom to lead so great a people? Perhaps that is the Hope he embodies...

Friday, January 16, 2009


Yesterday was my 51st birthday. I celebrated by finishing a self portrait for this months ESBQ show. I decided that I would take you through the process, well the art process anyway the process of being me is well...shall we say complicated. Here is the reference photo:

The first thing that I wanted to do was reverse the particular reason just a matter of preference.

After I reversed the image I laid out just the basic outline on 140 lbs bristol paper with a #2 pencil. I drew it out very lightly so as not to leave any scars or imprints in the paper, bristol paper is has a wonderful forgiveness for plain old pencil.

Once I had the outline done I proceeded to add in the color pencil. This is just a matter of patience and careful observation. It takes awhile before you achieve the saturation you want.

When I was finished I scanned in the image in two separate scanners. (My scanner is smaller than the image) I created a new document in Photoshop and dragged both scans into it. I lined them up and gently, with eraser tool set at 40% erased part of the overlapping images to blend them into a single image. I combined the layers and ended up with my raw portrait.

I then cropped the portrait for better composition. I decided that the scan was not going to take these piece where I needed it to go. I experimented with different filters, and decided that since the theme was about severing the ties that bond me, Plastic wrap filter could best carry that out. That was a little to harsh so I ran it through the ocean ripple filter also.

I was pleased with the overall "bound" feel it gave to the portrait, but it seemed a little busy. I made a duplicate layer and then proceeded to remove areas of my face and hands to lend a visual illustration of breaking out of bondage. I then set the eraser tool set at 25% opacity to "feather" the edges.

All that was left was to now was to add the poem that I had written for this piece:
"Truth will stand it's own
And lead all who would follow
I shall stumble home...

I used the font DjangoITC TT, because it add a little movement and fond unpredictability to the space..a little like me.

All and all this was about a week long project and I think it a good and true illustration of my being. Open, creative and striving to be free! I welcome any comments and critiques you care to share.