Friday, February 8, 2013

Two things have occupied my art these past few weeks.  I decided (late I might add)to Take up the 29 faces art challenge  and starting up a new series call PuffyButtons.It has been challenging to say the least, and on one personal note, I have lost another of my muses during this time (Tripper see below)suddenly to a rare and extremely aggressive cancer that none of us knew. She was diagnosed one day and died on the operating table the next. Our hearts are broken and thus keeping busy with art has been a must! So back to the challenge and new series, lucky for me they tend to over lap otherwise you might have to look me up in a rubberroom somewhere! So I thought that I would share some the progress on these projects here.
From the PuffyButtons here are Days 6,7, and 8.

Fluffy Snowball:Puffybuttons:


Chickadee: PuffyButtons:

The rest that I have completed, in no specific order are as follows:

Big Eyed Girl:

Old Man with White Hair:

St Augustine in his Studio:

Tripper Rest in Peace:

Sargent Preston: First Love

Paid per Tuna, Black Kitty PuffyButtons:

#9 of 29 Faces 
Libby Sticking Her Tongue Out

Is this some kind of Trick? Orange Tabby PuffyButtons™

Pompeii Girl

PuffyDog: PuffyButtons™

Old Goat in Congress

#15 & 16
Bobble head Kitties

Girl with Red Glasses
My Childhood: Plan B

Anne Morrow Lindberg (29 faces)

#21 in 29 faces
Frida: When I Dream

Lee Ann and Scooter #22,23

Jesus Wept #25

Smiley Under Pressure #26,27,28

Usual Suspects #29