Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hug Unfurled (Entry in EBSQ Candy show)

People always say that it all starts with a kiss. And heaven knows I have had my share of Hershey kisses. But when you think about it usually takes a hug first to get things going, A hug must be savored and relished, allowed to cast it's spell. I wanted to convey this along with the mellowness, warmth and richness of the hug , Eye candy if you will pardon the pun. I decided to depict the wrapper in red starting to unfurl, just to illustrate the spark of excited passion we all feel upon opening the wrapper. Sit back, and enjoy. you know the Kiss is coming...

About this piece:

Size: 8x10:

Sub strait: Wood Panel:

Media: Color pencil, and marker:

Style: Still life:

No frame necessary, ready to hang:

Note: The colored pencil is applied layer upon layer to build up deep, vibrant color saturation an effect similar to the renaissance glazing techniques used by the old masters. It is then hand buffed to a light natural sheen and spray fixative is applied to prevent wax bloom. It is then finished with a UV resistant semi gloss varnish to resist fading.

Monday, February 15, 2010

M&Ms Breaking Tension (EBSQ Candy Show Entry)

M&Ms is the greatest tension breaker I know! One day I and my dog were at the Animal clinic, for the latest of many trips that month. After the appointment I was waiting at the desk to pick up the prescribed medication for Dix (my dog). While I was there the vet walked out and grabbed a handful of dark chocolate m&ms from one of the clerks.

He said "Man I love these dark chocolate M&Ms"

I said "dark chocolate? Now that's medication I need!. He told the clerk to go and get him one of those big med bottles, and he poured in a bunch of the M&Ms and scribbled across the label my name and PRN and handed it to me.

"What's this?" I asked,

Your prescription TAKE AS NEEDED and APPLY LIBERALLY!"

Today that is still the best medical advice I have ever received.

M&Ms Breaking Tension is done on MDF 1/2" panel, in color pencils and markers. Color pencils are applied layer upon layer until full color saturation is achieved. It is then spraayed with fiixative and a UV Resistant spray to preserve color vibrancy.

About this Painting:

Size: 11.75x6"

Material: MDF panel

Media: Color pencils, markers

Subject: M&M Suspended by Tension Wires

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Retro Grey

Grey was the challenge on EBSQ. Grey I thought surely they jest, Grey? Color on hiatus, say it isn't true........
Grey now there is a challenge for me. I am so used to a vivid color palette. Then I remembered the wool suit patterns my mom used to wear, and grey flannel slacks. Remembering those things I began to wonder how would one of the abstraction artists of the era pull together the collect of those swatches? The project only seems possible using every possible shade, value and tint of grey. I went out and got my first set of tinted graphite pencils (all I had been waiting for was an excuse!) and let em rip.

Size: 8x8"

Media: tinted graphite pencils, markers on Acid Free Sketch paper

Subject: Grey

Style: Retro Abstract