Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How would Vincent see our world?

I have been reading the latest Vincent Van Gogh biography, and his letters. I am captured by his perception and have been trying to see nature as he would. I started by trying to paint a cypress landscape on canvas. Then I moved to the computer thinking that if I utilized the the Van Gogh brush in Painter 8, I might get a better handle on how to do it. Taking the painting I created in painter (see description) I pulled it into Photoshop and did some tweaking, I decided to turn it into an abstract and try to illustrate the planet as Vincent would see it from heaven. I think I might just have captured it, what do you think?

About this Painting:
size: 8x20"
Media: digitally illustrated
Style: surreal abstract

Starting Image and Close ups

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Greeting Dawn

This is a graphite nude study. I used graphite pencil, wash and crushed graphite applied with a brush to soften overall appearance. Original has been cropped to improve composition.

About this art:
Cropped size: 10x16"
style: minimalist
Materials: 140lb Bristol, graphite
Original Status: available from Artist

Monday, November 28, 2011

Plot Twist, Alma Lee

Oh you clever one
you laugh now
but later I'll get you
and to me you
will bow!

Well T'gre has found that even the best laid plans sometime fail. He is slow to give victory to the mouse Dinky and is trying his best to let him think it didn't hurt. Here he contemplates how to walk away with his dignity without removing the mouse trap.

About this Piece:
size 9x12"
media: color pencil,marker on 90lb Bristol
Style: surrealism,cubism
Original Status: available from artist print for $12.50

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update Ebay does NOTHING about Bootleggers

Update on Bootleg copies of my art on EBAY

As of the time of this writing 10:30 CST, Nov 19,2011. Mr. Stellar393 continues to sell my art on Ebay. Ebay has done nothing, they said it was under investigation and they did plan on Sanctioning him. The owner of the original( Original was sold on Jan 3, 2008 in an ebay auction the auction ID number and details were supplied to Ebay personally) has contacted both the seller and Ebay along with 23 other (those that I know of), his reaction was to list 4 more "ORIGINALS" and raise the price at that! Here is a sampling of the bootlegger replies:

for last 3 days I had 5 eBay members stating what they own original of this particular painting, so I do not know how to comment this facts, - I do not know who is painter - I am purchasing my art from private collectors and reselling them..

they were mass bought at a flea market and he's a reseller & has a right to sell them.

"I never stated it is MY artwork - I'm reseller. I purchased it on flea market and simply re-selling it. You have no proof what it is not an original from somebody else collection who sold it to me to do reports..

Ebay's response...They issued violations and warnings to several of the people who wrote to them on my behalf saying they personally knew the artist and he was selling bootleg merchandise. They no longer return my calls or emails.

I am so very disappointed that Ebay, whom I have had a sellers account for over 10 yrs would put it's own profit over legal rights.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

I need your HELP!

PLEASE PLEASE I need your help.I have been dealing this past week with a bootleg of 2 of my pieces of art for sale on EBAY. I have contacted the powers that be, and filled out the necessary forms. Problem is the bootlegger is a TOP RATED seller (mostly solar equipment) on EBAY and I am not. That said this is what I would appreciate your help on. Every Auction has a question for the seller at the very bottom of the listing. I would like you to in your own words tell him you know the artist Alma Lee and his listing is not part of her official site or auctions. Ask him to please respect copyrights, as the sole providence of the artist. This may seem like a small problem but it really is not. I lost control of all the art work I did pre 2006 to China. It went "national" meaning they consider it property of China. They produce my same art on various products at will and I don't see a cent. I have reason to believe this is what is going on now with several of my pieces. I want to put an end to it . I will tell you the girl and the cat (love me Love my Cat)original was sold it was a 9x12" in color pencils. I still retain the original of Christ and the Thief. The bootlegged copies are very good and even include the "hidden" marks I put in every piece. Here are the links and I hope you will help

Love Me Love My Cat Bootleg

Christ and the Thief Bootleg

Monday, October 31, 2011

The Empty Frame

I Read the other day Thomas Kincade has filed for bankruptcy. Less than a decade ago he was the top of the financial heap. Guaranteed I believe he was over managed by his agent, but I believe that the big picture, and the catalyst to his financial demise, lies in the trend of current culture to take art for granted. We don't invest in art or artists. Much of the population sees art as merely decoration for our homes and it's accessories. And we take it for granted. We have devalued it's role and romanticized it practitioners. We have come to embrace the role of starving artists, and the result is. They are leaving in droves. They gave up when they realized they could make more money, building picture frames and mat boards than creating the art they contain. If you don't think we will miss them let me ask you this...when was the last time you bought blank paper towels, napkins, t shirt. Not the same thing you say, and I would agree, the way design enriches your home and personal products... true art does enriches your life and soul.. It is important, support a LIVING artist this season. It will change your life and theirs.

Friday, October 14, 2011

The I phones are HERE!

Hey finally you can Alma Lee Artistry on your I phone. Redbubble has just launched custom design software that allows you to pick you favorite and personalize your own Iphone case. Here are just some of the possibilities from Alma Lee.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Bee I Kitty, by Alma Lee

Bee I Kitty
be I Cat
I be pretty
that be that
He may be has an identity crisis, but that is why God made him cute. Kitty or bee you decide.

This Bee Kitty is made from color pencil, markers and crayon.

About this piece:
size: 9x12"
Media: color pencil, marker,crayon
Style: surreal cubism
Original and prints available from artist

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vintage Collection

I really liked this collection, not just because I am included in it. But I loved the combination, it just all seems to fit. What do you think?

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steampunk Doll Lee™ Nina Ten

Fresh from space
she made her way
Nina ten
and the first today.

This is Nina Ten, the first of several Doll LeeĆ¢„¢ steam punk dolls by Alma Lee. She is a re-purposed doll. Her face was damaged from a freak accident involving a tricycle and a careless toddler. After hours of cosmetic surgery and restoration she is ready to embark on a life of a more loving planet. I designed and sewed a new "steam punk" dress for her hand and custom made. Her "accessories" include a car hose clamp necklace, vintage metal bead earrings. Copper tubing hair extensions, and gears work as her knee replacement. Being rebellious she did have her nose pierced without prior permission, but we like it (don't tell her!)

About this doll
size: 13"
media: re-purposed doll, oils,markers, fabric, and metal
style: steampunk,cyber punk doll
Original available from Artist.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I've been dreamin again...

It was the 57 Chevy
that gave life to me.
On wings of a Bel Air
loosed my tie and set me free...

I have a dream car, that cruises through my mind, I suppose we all do. Mine comes in red and has the strongest of wings, and a engine that races until it takes flight. The '57 Chevy surely fits the bill. It had it all back then and now too.

About this piece:
size: 9x12",
Media: color pencil on 96 lb Bristol
Style: Abstract Still lilfe
Original Status: Available from Artist

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Blue Hobnail Series

For year upon year there sat a set of Blue Hobnail China in my Mother's cupboard. She despised it, thought it to old fashioned I think, I on the other hand fell in love at first sight. Those little hobnail refract the light in every shade of blue imaginable. And like most Mother/Daughter relationships she was wrong! lol I think it is quite modern looking and the addition of sun-ripened tomatoes fresh from the garden make it pop. The pears offer a somewhat softer focus and settle in the sea of glass nicely. Here is to good taste and warm memories.

Both pieces of art:
size: 9x12"
media: color pencils on 96 lb Bristol
Style: still life abstract
Original and prints available from artist

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Life is Among the Lions by Alma Lee

My spirit with the eagle soars
And in lofty oaks reclines
My heart beats through the breath of God
But my life is among the lions…

Their prowess proceeds them
fresh from the liars lair
silently, stealthy, they encircle me
to capture me unawares

Adorned with their unruly manes
Highly esteemed within their Pride
Arrogance their arm bearer
And ignorance, their ride

My tongue is like a ready writer
When beyond their holdings roar…
My eyes envision Zion
And my heart is set upon the Lord

Charge they now in full assault
To subdue me with all their raging power
Know they not my Savior comes
Today, this time, in my desperate hour

So fled they then in cowardice
Humbled beneath, Lion of Judah’s King
Yes my life is among the lions
But my shelter beneath His wings…

Saturday, July 23, 2011

I believe that it was Winston Churchill who referred to his depression as a "Black Dog" That maybe true, but as I have recently discovered, rebellion and angst comes as a "Black Cat" My cat T'gre to be exact. The other day after being told no he flew into a snit, pounced on me, knocked over a beautiful glass bowl my Mother gave me and proceeds to relieve himself all over my clean work clothes. I stood there in shock and he, well lets just say is unrepentant. We got through it, but I did catch myself stuttering the next time a no was in order!

About this art:
size: 11x14
Media: digital

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Second Creation of Frida

This is one of my entries for the EBSQ Frida show. A very interesting and profound woman and life.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Here's Looking at You Kid

One of my earlier works. I did this digital illustration in 2005. And once again it is my dog Codie, long since gone to doggie heaven he was my best friend for many many years. He spent more time looking and watching me than any other living creature. This is one of those moments He was a great muse!

About the Original:
size 24×24″
media: digital illustration

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Retro Cuff Steampunk Bracelet

This piece of Jewelry was inspired by my cat! One day he went charging through the house like his tail was on fire, when I told him to knock it off, he did and landed right in the middle of my bead organizer. Since approaching jewelry design in any organized fashion seemed a remote possibility, I decided that a little piece work was in order.

This is a large woman's bracelet with recycled and glass beads and gears all hand stitched on a wide band of elastic.

About this piece:
Size: large
Media: various beads and adornments
Status of the Original: Not for sale

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Frida: a Child the Wistful, Longing Years (Re-purposed doll)

This is a re-purposed doll I purchased at Goodwill. I bought it because it had no plastic eyes, making it much easier to paint in the figures eyes. I decided to set her gaze off to the side, because I get the feeling she was always scanning the horizon in search a new hope, a new love. I also believed that she never saw betrayal coming.

Her dress is a re-purposed vintage hankie with a recycled ribbon. The bodice of her dress is a doll necklace from the first doll I ever had.

About this piece:
Size: approx 13" tall
Media: re-purposed doll painted with oil

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I am late so true
yet so much quicker
than you.
I am late again
I arrive long before
I end!

The late great white rabbit is one of my favorites as a young girl. I did however get very nervous about his lateness, and later in life my own. Seems he created a bit of a neurosis in me.

About this piece:
size: approx 7x12"
Media: metal, magnet, recycled materials and paperclay
Style: steampunk and cyberpunk
Original Status: Available from artist

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Princess Lily where the Rainbow Ends

Sometimes we stumble
Sometimes we fall
Sometime we feel silly
the search of rainbows...
often ends next to a lily
or nowhere at all.

This is a digitally drawn princess lily. I was shopping on day for garden flowers and I must admit that I am not a huge fan of lilies but this one sat there gently calling to me "love me...just love me." And I fell hard, now it is one of my favorite flowers. About this work: size: 15x10 Style: decorative media: digitally drawn

Monday, May 16, 2011

I haven't been on here in a while. I have been taking care of some personal stuff. They have found a large cyst within my spine and have been trying to figure out what we should do with it. Anyhow I am still drawing, painting and sculpting (less hours than I used to)but still going! I thank God for that so I thought I would share a bit of what I am doing. Three Graces is an old piece I did 25 years ago, I recently pulled it out and decided it needed to be re worked. I wish I had taken a before pic but as is par for the course I just dug right in!

My Steampunk/Cyberpunk series "Edge of Dysphoria" is alive and well, heck I am starting to identify with the women built with artificial parts! The Shepard Princess is the series latest edition.
The Shepard Princess
stood in solid resolve

the master of Dogma
refused to evolve

And then finally there is the endless struggle to keep the bunnies out of my kitchen garden. I had read some where that you can put a garden hose piece in your garden and move it around ever so often and rabbits and squirrels will mistake it for a snake and actually go no where near it. The article did not say that the hose had to be ugly! So you tell me is this scary? The bunnies think so!!

Quark the Yellow Garden Snake

Monday, April 18, 2011

T'gre in Guilty Pleasure

T'gre in Guilty Pleasure by Alma Lee

Caught red handed yet again. This is a quick painting of my Cat T'gre with the sweetest of guilty looks!