Sunday, August 28, 2011

Steampunk Doll Lee™ Nina Ten

Fresh from space
she made her way
Nina ten
and the first today.

This is Nina Ten, the first of several Doll LeeĆ¢„¢ steam punk dolls by Alma Lee. She is a re-purposed doll. Her face was damaged from a freak accident involving a tricycle and a careless toddler. After hours of cosmetic surgery and restoration she is ready to embark on a life of a more loving planet. I designed and sewed a new "steam punk" dress for her hand and custom made. Her "accessories" include a car hose clamp necklace, vintage metal bead earrings. Copper tubing hair extensions, and gears work as her knee replacement. Being rebellious she did have her nose pierced without prior permission, but we like it (don't tell her!)

About this doll
size: 13"
media: re-purposed doll, oils,markers, fabric, and metal
style: steampunk,cyber punk doll
Original available from Artist.

Monday, August 22, 2011

I've been dreamin again...

It was the 57 Chevy
that gave life to me.
On wings of a Bel Air
loosed my tie and set me free...

I have a dream car, that cruises through my mind, I suppose we all do. Mine comes in red and has the strongest of wings, and a engine that races until it takes flight. The '57 Chevy surely fits the bill. It had it all back then and now too.

About this piece:
size: 9x12",
Media: color pencil on 96 lb Bristol
Style: Abstract Still lilfe
Original Status: Available from Artist

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Blue Hobnail Series

For year upon year there sat a set of Blue Hobnail China in my Mother's cupboard. She despised it, thought it to old fashioned I think, I on the other hand fell in love at first sight. Those little hobnail refract the light in every shade of blue imaginable. And like most Mother/Daughter relationships she was wrong! lol I think it is quite modern looking and the addition of sun-ripened tomatoes fresh from the garden make it pop. The pears offer a somewhat softer focus and settle in the sea of glass nicely. Here is to good taste and warm memories.

Both pieces of art:
size: 9x12"
media: color pencils on 96 lb Bristol
Style: still life abstract
Original and prints available from artist

Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Life is Among the Lions by Alma Lee

My spirit with the eagle soars
And in lofty oaks reclines
My heart beats through the breath of God
But my life is among the lions…

Their prowess proceeds them
fresh from the liars lair
silently, stealthy, they encircle me
to capture me unawares

Adorned with their unruly manes
Highly esteemed within their Pride
Arrogance their arm bearer
And ignorance, their ride

My tongue is like a ready writer
When beyond their holdings roar…
My eyes envision Zion
And my heart is set upon the Lord

Charge they now in full assault
To subdue me with all their raging power
Know they not my Savior comes
Today, this time, in my desperate hour

So fled they then in cowardice
Humbled beneath, Lion of Judah’s King
Yes my life is among the lions
But my shelter beneath His wings…