Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Life is Among the Lions by Alma Lee

My spirit with the eagle soars
And in lofty oaks reclines
My heart beats through the breath of God
But my life is among the lions…

Their prowess proceeds them
fresh from the liars lair
silently, stealthy, they encircle me
to capture me unawares

Adorned with their unruly manes
Highly esteemed within their Pride
Arrogance their arm bearer
And ignorance, their ride

My tongue is like a ready writer
When beyond their holdings roar…
My eyes envision Zion
And my heart is set upon the Lord

Charge they now in full assault
To subdue me with all their raging power
Know they not my Savior comes
Today, this time, in my desperate hour

So fled they then in cowardice
Humbled beneath, Lion of Judah’s King
Yes my life is among the lions
But my shelter beneath His wings…

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