Saturday, July 23, 2011

I believe that it was Winston Churchill who referred to his depression as a "Black Dog" That maybe true, but as I have recently discovered, rebellion and angst comes as a "Black Cat" My cat T'gre to be exact. The other day after being told no he flew into a snit, pounced on me, knocked over a beautiful glass bowl my Mother gave me and proceeds to relieve himself all over my clean work clothes. I stood there in shock and he, well lets just say is unrepentant. We got through it, but I did catch myself stuttering the next time a no was in order!

About this art:
size: 11x14
Media: digital


  1. Wow! My cat acts up a bit, but nothing like that....(yet!)

  2. He has been a challenge, I told my husband you can take a cat out of the barn, but I am no longer thinking I can get the barn out of the cat!