Monday, February 15, 2010

M&Ms Breaking Tension (EBSQ Candy Show Entry)

M&Ms is the greatest tension breaker I know! One day I and my dog were at the Animal clinic, for the latest of many trips that month. After the appointment I was waiting at the desk to pick up the prescribed medication for Dix (my dog). While I was there the vet walked out and grabbed a handful of dark chocolate m&ms from one of the clerks.

He said "Man I love these dark chocolate M&Ms"

I said "dark chocolate? Now that's medication I need!. He told the clerk to go and get him one of those big med bottles, and he poured in a bunch of the M&Ms and scribbled across the label my name and PRN and handed it to me.

"What's this?" I asked,

Your prescription TAKE AS NEEDED and APPLY LIBERALLY!"

Today that is still the best medical advice I have ever received.

M&Ms Breaking Tension is done on MDF 1/2" panel, in color pencils and markers. Color pencils are applied layer upon layer until full color saturation is achieved. It is then spraayed with fiixative and a UV Resistant spray to preserve color vibrancy.

About this Painting:

Size: 11.75x6"

Material: MDF panel

Media: Color pencils, markers

Subject: M&M Suspended by Tension Wires

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  1. HA! Love that story Alma and the painting is beautiful! :-)