Wednesday, August 5, 2009

When a Hippie Dreams by Alma Lee

When a Hippie Dreams...
by Alma Lee

When a Hippie dreams
the daisies dance
upon delightful breeze
casting a peaceful trance
so it is as it seems
peace comes to enhance
only when a hippie dreams...

I was driving home from one dance and just as entered the exit ramp, this image passed through my mind. I had such a feeling not so much of peace, but promise. Promise that would we had hoped, and dreamed of, would not always be met by rejection. but one day, God willing it would come to pass.

This piece is done andmarkers, and Color pencils on a MDF panel. Color pencils is laid on in many layers, to achieve full color and surface saturation. The result is a satiny sheen rivaling that of oil or acrylic.

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