Monday, March 9, 2009

Loss of a Muse...

Dix(S.O.N) Seven of Nine

DixS.O.N. was one of my best friends and consummate muse. My husband and I had to put her down today. It is a void I can not soon fill. I wrote this poem about his relationship with her. Rest in peace Princess...

ODE to DIX(SevenOfNine)

She was only seven of nine,
But to his heart the first.
His Princess , the ever safe harbor
To his longing heart.

Her hair, long, cascades of silk
Newly spun.
It blew wildly as she ran,
Finding rest as it draped over her
Carmel eyes, concealing a tiny spark
Of mischief.

Now as her stillness settled over him he
Even now He loved her, of this, he was as certain
As puzzled.
She had torn his heart, broken and beyond
yet with sorrow and sigh
he knew she had been worthy of the


  1. Hi Alma..My heart aches for you..The poem captures the essence of your beloved ...Beautiful thoughts..!! Robin

  2. Thank you Robin. I have put down dogs before, but never one that I believe until the last moment thought she was coming home. She could not walk, stand, roll, or crawl. Yet she had her mind and was so happy to see us. This was a hard one. Thanks for your kindness!