Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Featured Artist of the week

This week I wanted to spotlight the art of Lutz Baar. I got caught up in his use of color, composition and the exquisite breaks in his visual plains. He is a member of the Contemporary Cubist group on Image Kind but does not see his art as cubism. I find myself at a loss to describe his work, but fortunately he has done so beautifully that for me. He describes his work in this way;

"In my paintings I am working in the borderlands where light and illuminated surfaces meet. The motifs are between half figurative and abstract.They form a starting point in my adventure where I try to visualize a primary component of images that is in fact invisible – the light.

I am fond of all of his pieces, but have picked two of his feline paintings, because I feel that the way an artist portrays a cat speaks volumes about who they are and how they view their life in the world. And also I think his Kitty on a String looks very much like Lutz himself. Check it out and let me know! Buy Lutz Baar art here:

by Lutz Baar

Kitty on a String
by Lutz Baar

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