Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Shepard Fairly-aka Shepard (Un)Fairly

The recent controversy surrounding street artist Shepard Fairly,Garcia, AP over the Obama is just one snowflake, in the giant copyright Snowballs chance in hell. He is doing what so many have decided was ok, even avant gaurd to do. It has become a way of life, it seems in the Art world. Fairly, wants to portray himself as an anti authortarian figure, in the modern world of art and politics. According to Wikipedia He said of his first known copyright infringement (Andre the Giant) this is "an experiment in phenomenology." I think his marketing and public relations strategies are far more subversive than his so called art. His genius lies in his ability to generate, and manipulate, both the media and the law, into his own private marketing vehicle. He has some how managed to bite the hand that feeds him, all the while passing it off as a kiss! His "art" though not his at all, contains so little originality, that his signature should not only be questioned, but removed and put what little individual creative left into a giant free for all clip art book!

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