Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Our 44th President Barak H. Obama

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The day finally arrived and what a day it was. How wide is the historical scope of hope! I have documented his rise with art work for the last year, because I find him such a captivating subject. And if you are like me you share in the anticipation of the next 4 years. God Speed President Obama!

Obama Picasso Style: March 2008Obama Sketch 02/08
A short quick sketch to get a feel for Mr. Obama.

Obama and Martin Luther King 02/08
While getting a feel for Obama, I kept getting a feeling of Martin Luther King. They seemed to strike the same cord of hope in people.

At the same time I was expermenting with chalk on black ground and a contemplating Mr. Obama seemed appropiate.

The Hope of Barak 05/09

Lastly I just knew that we were getting an early peak at greatness and this was my final illustration of the man that has engendered so much hope and promise in so many, crossing racial lines, party lines and even the line of diverse faiths. President Barak H. Obama
The Precipice of Hope...

One almost has to wonder if President, who is a praying man, like Solomon before him has asked the Lord for wisdom to lead so great a people? Perhaps that is the Hope he embodies...

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