Sunday, January 25, 2009

When a Picture Paints...Monday 26, 2009

This is a sample page from my Houndstooth Heretic book of peoms. I am a bit conflicted with this image. I love it, but Christ seem so sorrowful. It is not that I think that he was "happy" going to the cross, but I believe he was joyous. He love us, and his sacrifice was the ultimate portrait of that love.

A Sorrow Great

Some say a sorrow great
lives so deep the soul doth swell,

Disposing the voice of reason
where only silence fell

Deep and desperate inside life’s
tempest, storm and squalls

it abides there
behind Hades heady walls

No– is only phantasm
where evils domain shall dwell

For it is a saints life on earth
that paves the road to hell

With great depth of commitment
we commend our sorrows to our own, but feeble grip

Ever slipping downward as
though Christ’s atonement was but a merry myth

Here we are at Dante’s final gate
alas it is first here, we for our salvation wait

Depression’s insignia,
has framed its sorrow here

So feeble, an emblem
for such forbidden fear

Let it be then wisdom,
soul on the verge
dim twilight

The dawn shall come bearing down
in truth’s almighty light

Ever bearing cross in heart
the saints sorrows, now set hope in sight

Lord, Christ– Savior
strengthen me for the fight

Now wait I, as from heaven, my lover to defend me,
atone, acquit, redeem me against this demonic blast

Is it better to remain here,
clinging to the remnant, tormented and harassed

Gently he caresses me, saying
grasp not for your sanity let go and take my hand

For only I can lead you,
in this dark and evil land

And so it is he loves me,
the lifter of my head

As I followed him into battle
He took my blows instead

by Alma Lee 2007

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  1. This is a beautiful poem

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