Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Unknown Super-Wife

Able to clean dwellings
in a single bound
a window, a toilet
the sink and tub surround

You won't see her coming
but you will know where's
she been
Call if you like,
but her presense is not
something on which you can depend!

The unknown Superwife: Contessa of Clean is every house keepers dream.  Armed with inspiration she recruits at random in the wee wee hours.Minions succumb to her bidding. Her warp the minds of believers making them complacent and submissive to her sanitary ways. Then it happens, Voila! Your house is pristine sparkling and clean. The praises soon follow, as you wallow, you wonder at your confusion, and wishful thinking. Was that  dust bunny? Then you wake up and realize it was but a dream. So you put on your big girl panties and pick up you broom!

This art was created in CS 6 and it is a digital illustration, photo were used as reference only.

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