Monday, May 6, 2013

Joan of Arc: Living the Controversial Truth

As a child I was told about Joan of Arc, in fact I a remember watching a movie about her.  But being a non Catholic her story was treated as a myth within my circles.  I always wondered about it. Now after some research I believe in the myth no longer but espouse it's truth.  I believe that she was so far out of the mainstream, the religious norms, and so little influenced by it that they had no control over her.  Indeed it goes without saying she loved God, but I believe she did indeed receive visions from him. She saw a portion of how big he is, today we would say she lived outside the box. As for her veneration of her as a saint...I am not so inclined but I so respect her ability to live out who she was, come what may, Love the most hated lover of all time,  without regard to the boxed up, down pat God so popular then (and now) and in the end be able to say "I have run the good race and lost none of myself, I gave my life and it was given back to me."  And I think quite possibly she would add "no regrets"

Joan of Arc was illustrated  in Poser, and CS6.

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