Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Time Manager

Time time how it slips away
I shouldn't worry, I should say
what I do I do the rest will
wait to another day...

The Idea of a Victorian time manager totally intrigues me. First you have to ask yourself did they really need one? There were no life coaches, car pools, or even "quality time" back then. They had instead things like dinner time, church time and bedtime. The second question that comes to mind is were their priorities all that wrong? At any rate, this would be the answer or the truth, You can not stretch time, hold back time, thrust time forth. The only variable in this experiment is you. How far can you stretch, go and bend? Frankly I would like to sit down over dinner and think about it.

This is one of my first Steampunk pieces. While doing a sketch for a little steampunk sculpture, I realized the synergy between Cubism and Steampunk. One really doesn't work without the other. I like to think that it is a type of Steampunk meets Picasso.

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