Saturday, February 4, 2012

On the left Original DaVinci,
on the left my Homage to Da Vinci Princess

The other night we were watch a program on public TV. The subject was a newly discovered piece of art that they were try to figure out whether or not it was a Da Vinci. (I believe it is) I absolutely could not take my eyes off off her, she is so young and tentative. They think that she was a princess who married at 13, later died of complications of her first pregnancy. They mentioned that Leonardo was the only well known renaissance who was left handed, therefore they felt that the direction of the lines along the eyes,nose, and lips could only have been made by a left handed artist. That bothered me, is it just me or do most artist turn the page while they are drawing. I wondered how hard that would be and whether or not is would be awkward for a right handed artist. All and all I do believe that they were correct in placing this amongst Leonardo's works for all the other reasons stated, however the left handed only stroke seems to be a bit of a reach for me. Once I got started I had to try to add some aging effects that were in the original. That was harder than the angled stroke.

About this art:
color pencil and graphite
princess ascribed to Da Vinci
renaissance style


  1. I watched that same show. It was really good! I think it's one as well. Love your version of it. Just lovely!

    1. Thank you Kimberly, doesn't it make you wonder what and who else they may find simply discarded or misplaced?

  2. I saw that show too... completely fascinating!