Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New this week from me...
KiKi and the DiSturBing  Surprise...

KiKi and the disturbing Surprise
by Alma Lee
original, One of a Kind
Felted Wool Sculpture
10x11"(including the tail)

Splish Splash
rub a dub dub
What I thought was a spider
turned out to be aLady Bug
Ki Ki is in the middle of washing up and along came a Lady Bug. Well at least that is something like the saying goes. This is felted freehand with both polyester and wool roving. This is not intended as a toy.

WHAT IS NEEDLE FELTING: Needle felt is the process of interlocking, binding and compacting wool fibers and is achieved by repeatedly poking on and through the fibers with a specialized needle. The final form is shaped on the fly with varying depths and angles of the barbed needle until the desired form is completed. It differs in Wet felting in that no water is used in the process. Designed as I go along, making it truly unique and original.

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