Saturday, April 5, 2014

As an artist I have evolved once again with the additional of digital painting / drawing to my repertoire of artistic mediums. I did this because of the worlds it opens to me as an artist. It adds avenue and venues not previous available to me. It also makes more things possible than ever before as I try to convey my artistic expression.
Shone here on the left is the original illustration done digitally next to my bast attempt to duplicate it by hand illustration in color pencil.  Though I think both "work" the hand drawing lacks some of the mystery,mood and movement of the original digital.

The 1st thing that I noticed when incorporating this particular medium is a general confusion and lack of trust leading to the devaluing status of my digital  art product in general. Art collectors and patrons buy art for several reasons; art gives them an expression of themselves, of their thoughts.ideas and feelings that they had difficulty expressing verbally or otherwise during the course of their lives. Another reason they purchase art is to improve their quality of life. Art adds beauty and truth to their living spaces as well as their lives. It allows them to take a break from busyness and contemplate what lies beyond their personal realm or geographic place into the world beyond. They look at art and they see a reflection of their personality, of their successes, other feelings and an awareness of the vastness of life beyond them, perhaps just out of their reach but not beyond their scope. It opens thier children's minds to curiosity and creativity and afford them a safe platform that open dialogue with the adults as well as children that surround them.

So that said why should we as a society by digital art? The simple answer would be because it is art. Digital art requires all of the creativity all of the imagination, skill andy technique prow less that are employed in traditional art. It might surprise some people that it is often more laborious than traditional mediums. The problem seems to be that people do not want to invest in an art form that at 1st glance has no originals. Why buy a digital art rather than a print of traditional art? According to citing a report entitled profit or pleasure? Exploring the motivations behind treasure trends. Of those questioned only a 10th asked said they bought art purely as an investment where as 75% cited enjoyment as the key. In both traditional medium and digital medium, collectors have always been advised to buy what they love. We are facing a glut of images in the marketplace these days it is on our TV sets,  our walls, our bathrooms, kitchen and living areas have become galleries displaying art both good and bad. The world without 
art would not be a blank canvas but a dark chasm of void. To prevent that from happening, you must to focus in on what you love.Buy and enjoy it for all your life. 

The reason why digital art so important in this present age is the avenues of expression that it opens up for our artists. There are techniques, blends, even mixed media, (otherwise incompatible) made possible with digital media. It is akin to the comparison of analog TV vs high definition. You will watch your favorite programs in either bc it is your favorite program.  Digital art does not devalue traditional art instead enhances and enlarges it and it's audience. The modern day digital artist must be connected not only to the world at large and its future visions, forms and possiblities, but also past techniques, nuances of the traditional art that came before it. All artists need to perfect, hone their skills. their techniques, expressions everything connected to the work style and subject. Digital art gives us the opportunity to take that 1,  step further to elaborate on the original concept. To attempt to answer the questions that the art itself poses and to carry the viewer deeper into our world and it's glorious intricacies.

Personally I am in a continual love affair with both traditional art and digital art for the reasons mentioned above. But at this juncture in my art career I am cognizant of there are only so many paintings left for me to do with an ever shortening time frame.  The pure physicality of traditional art has at times excluded me from its practice. When I started out I painted furniture, and I loved it. I exclaimed to all of my family and friends that this and this alone would be my endeavor for life. Unfortunately arthritis said otherwise.  I do not believe that I am alone there are many artists that are faced with the wisdom and direction and the quality of technique and vision for art and its creation only to realize that their bodies and the passing of time works against them like never before.

Now as a collector and patron, the value of digital art is a huge gray area. I dispute the statement that digital art has no originals. Its original lies inside the mind and the heart of the artist and every piece the artist sells requires the relinquishing of  a fragment of their very soul. Many artists are working now in very limited editions for their digital art this entails a rise in price. This seems logical to me. However inevitably, we are faced with the question why should I buy digital art and pay a greater price for it than print. The answer lies in the patrons sensibilities, desires and love of the art itself. Digital art well inevitably come into its own, probably sooner than later as it is not going away. It's perception can only improve. I think it is safe to say to that there will continue to be more and more of it in all styles and genres' in the future. So we are back to the collectors, patrons, the lovers of art, the best advice stil is love it or leave it to someone who will. Like all art the return on your investment economically is set somewhere further along on the timeline. Therefore the astute investor is timely,bold, addicted, committed and motivated purely by the love of art and it's practioners.

While researching this article I read several question and answer message boards with opinions lying on both sides. I was forever going back to the various search engines and typing "why should we buy digital art as opposed to traditional art"And what came up every time was "why by art" with no differential to digital. So if you are an art buyer, investor, collector or lover, you will buy digital art because it is ART. I will conclude this with a quote from wiki the question posed there was why is digital art important? The answer it is important because it is a new generation of the world.

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