Saturday, May 9, 2015

I never knew there was a blue poppy, actually when you first hear it it sounds almost like an oxzy moron. I think that we just naturally associate poppie with red. However,once I saw a picture of the Himalayan Blue poppy that association went out the window. Blue accentuates the lines and textures in the poppy. Here after when I hear poppy I will forever think of the blue beauty. 

This is my very first palatte knife painting. I find it a little intimidating to work this way bc my comfort level with control is greatly limited but at the same time the experience is so freeing and it requires you to live in the here and now. Nothing more than a thought is required and it is instantly translated on to the canvas. It is so mind clearing and it gives me more room to expand on the next thought, the next vision. I guess you could say that what blue does for a poppy, palatte painting does for me.

About this art:
size: 6x6"
media: acrylic paint and paint markers
style: expressionism

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